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Past stuff.

Now $REAUUU has come to replace them, with a smart contract that benefits those who have diamond hands. 🖐💎


Since our government, despite printing money non-stop, wouldn't let us put the caramel mutt on the R$200.00 bill, so we'll do the $REAUUUUU worth (much) more than 1 real.

Dogecoin? Never. Dogecoin is worse than real (R$)! Both are, in extremely technical terms, two shitcoins: inflationary, dominated by "whales" and full of insiders.

Nota de dozentos REAUS

Number of tokens: 1 quadrillion

Tokens in circulation progressively decreasing

Burns: 3% of the value of each transaction is "burned" into the liquidity pool

Staking: 1% distributed to hodlers on each transaction

Liquidity: Half of tokens added to liquidity at launch

Anti-whale mechanism: Maximum buy and sell of 5 trillion $REAUs


· Tokenomics ·

🪙 Number of tokens

1 quadrillion

🔄 Circulating Tokens

454 trillion

🔥 Queima

3% of the value of each transaction is "burned" into the liquidity pool

💸 Staking

1% distributed to hodlers with each transaction

💧 Liquidez

Half of tokens added to liquidity

$REAU is a waived contract and its characteristics on the blockchain are immutable.

Rocket Doggo

· Viralata NFTs · Digital Collectibles

ViralataFunks preview



It's no use being an obedient Yorkshire or a tagged Shiba Inu: mutts really like a designer flea.

There is no escape. You need to show off, have a rare shape, an exclusive suit and a gourmet snack.

You know what, but I think it's hard to talk... Can I talk?

I have a ViralataFunk with the shape of nudes.

Peladão really, with a caressing Argentine paw, agroboy suit and ET Bilu face 😏

Where? On the blockchain itself.

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Bitcão is the non-fungible token that rewards investors for having contributed to Viralata Finance's social actions in the special moment known as Hora da Ração.

Charity tokens are a way to engage and reward investors who have made donations to Hora da Ração shelters and NGOs, in accordance with the rules for obtaining the collectible.

Community Rewards

Collection intended as a gift to investors who participated in historic moments for our mongrel. In general, they are NFTs that serve as a reward or incentive to participate in activities of engagement.

1# Dog on the Moon - After winning a fiercely contested popular vote on CryptoMoonWatch, all those who voted and registered their e-mail on the Viralata hotsite for this campaign received this souvenir for free . More than 3,000 NFTs were distributed, possibly being the largest distribution of NFTs in Brazil.

I Voted! - Collection prepared especially for those who registered their vote at the moment they decided on the Golden Path: Viralata's first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) vote.


Viralata x Dogira

In partnership with the Dogira token of the Ethereum network, REAU raised more than 150 thousand reais for the Charity Fund with the sale of these NFTs on. Two collections were made, one for each network.

Launched on the BSC network with art signed by the artist @mabiruna, the NFTs were sold through the Viralata hotsite. The unsold NFTs were not issued, so there was no "excess stock".

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Dogira x REAU

The DOGIRA x REAU NFT collection on the Ethereum network contains a selection of NFTs that offer an investment and charitable incentive to all holders; with a guaranteed airdrop of 3,000 Dogira, along with 84% of all proceeds going directly to selected animal charities across Brazil, vetted and approved by Vira-Lata Finance ($REAU).

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Social actions of the Viralata community

At the moment, the articulation of donations is carried out almost exclusively by the power of our community.

It is Viralata Finance's goal, however, to integrate this aspect into our future plans – allocating portions of transactions carried out in a decentralized marketplace, for example, to a “social fund”, such as the portfolio from Viralata, which today accumulates more than 16 ETH (see EtherScan).

The allocation of these funds will be voted on by the community through a DAO (Autonomous Decentralized Organization) and directed to different causes – which may or may not extend beyond animal causes, depending on the will of the community .

For more information, access the Viralatômetro.

Business Doggo

The dogs are waiting for you at the smokehouse. Are you joining or not?

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